The Good Life Review was co-founded in the spring of 2020 by Shyla Shehan and Ed Vogel, both of whom envisioned creating an online literary journal that would be edited and operated by fellow graduates and candidates of the MFA in Writing program at the University of Nebraska.

Our group of writers, editors, and designers came together to craft a space intended to shine a light on the diversity that exists in the Midwest. Based out of Omaha, Nebraska—astride the often unnoticed—we recognize there are a myriad of voices that call the regions surrounding us home. The Good Life Review is committed to exploring the overlooked. Our mission is to lift up the strange, the daring, and the underrepresented and reveal complexities hidden in the Heartland and beyond. We seek to elevate writing that takes risks and challenges perceptions; writing that haunts long after the last line.

We believe in connecting readers and writers, and our hope is that this platform will be a space where both will return again and again.