From the Stem by Daniel J Flosi

From the Stem | Daniel J Flosi

Charles Darwin hypothesized that language emerged from a song-like proto language. 

look! down the misty hillside 
our ancestors 
work the soil 
while soughing trees 
prattle on about their mysteries 
seed laden grasses 
rustle in the breeze 
twin streams of birdsong ripple 
rows of wheat 
teasing apart the meaning 
from the music 
all the while our thoughts pull 
pull the precious memory 
from the stem


About the Author:

Daniel J Flosi is an apparition living in a half-acre coffin in the township of Rock Island, IL within the V between the Mississippi and Rock Rivers. Their work has appeared or is forthcoming in Prometheus Dreaming, eris & eros, and Wild Roof Journal. Drop a line at