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Featuring brief fiction, cnf, and poetry. It’s like a shot of literary adrenaline to jump start your week.

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Orange Meets Green by Emma Schmitz

I’m burning rubber on pavement, matching the positive to the negative, trying to get something to spark. The drive from the Northwest Sierra to the Southeast Sierra of California stretches like an octopus with so many routes to go. Manzanita, sinewy pines, bushy firs, and sagebrush lull in and out like a foamy-mouthed ocean on…


New Bone Fear by Rhony Bhopla

A chirping, then the beak of a mourning dove stuffed, muted at the first daily police siren. The neighbor’s dog wails crescentic urgency, I hallucinate warning sounds before a voice from a chopper takes the place of flocks. Stephon Clark’s final breath expired some miles away— there, I see my question…


Dress Code by Kennedy Essmiller

Gather round, girls—preteens, tweens, teens—crowd together. It is time for your annual women’s talk. You each are given two squares of tile with shimmering surfaces to stand, to sit. You can reach out and touch the shoulder of your best friend, the shoulder covered in a wooly sweater despite the Oklahoma heat.  The Dress Code…

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