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Issue 2, Winter 2020

2 Inside: Jim Peterson, Kendall Klym, Caleb Nichols, Stelios Mormoris, Tyler Jacobs, Kerby Caudill, Megan Saunders, Lynn Magill, Clare Bercot Zwerling, Gabriella Bedetti, and Don Boes

et la terre coule

c’est du sang

tant les paroles

sont mêlées

en elle

– Et la Terre Coule

“August feeling on the waters
Calm and quiet in the harbor Past
the sun-baked oyster farmers
the open estuary”

– August Hymnody 

“Night spiders down,
glides along,
spins Santa Anas,
whips the bleach
blonde hills,
the frosted tips of
late spring.”

– I Check the Moon

“It feels indecent to traverse it
as if someone dead is pressed
inside its board. I lift one corner.”

– Linoleum 

“el hijo espera en la
orilla del oleaje
ojos en vos…”

– Mirror: Madonna de la Playa

“I let it marinate on the black granite kitchen counter unopened for a day or so, like a clog I was hoping Liquid Drano would take care of for me with no unpleasant interaction on my part.”

– The Envelope

“When Peg was still living with him, she said he was a lucky charm. His career was made in preparation for disasters that never occurred when he was around.”

– Near Drowning in a Desert

“Dear Mom, I’m sorry I read your entries, but I think they gave me your final beautiful, terrible gift: understanding.”

– Kathy Kay

“…her abstract drawings were covered edge-to-edge with rainbow colored shapes and scribbles coming together to make magical, mystical terrains I wished I could run through.”

– Paper

“In exchange for meals, Sam agrees to paint a mural of my ideal man, a boyfriend who will be all I could ever want. It takes a month for Sam to complete the project on a bare white wall in my partially furnished attic.”

– Apotropaic

“But this weight felt good, felt like a warm, heavy blanket covering everything. The boy rested. He would have been happy if it lasted forever.”

– The Belt

“Then I thought about Martha’s blueberry pie, her beef stew, the long walks we took together, her warm body in the bed…”

– Go Get the Gun

news & updates:

12.31.20: Issue #2 is live. View the full issue here or peruse by genre: translation, nonfiction, flash nonfiction, poetry, flash fiction, or fiction.

12.12.20: The Good Life Review is now nominating for the Pushcart Prize! Two-time Pushcart Prize and O’Henry Award winner, Tom Paine, is our 2021 guest Editor and will consider all prose and poetry pieces published in GLR for nomination. Stay tuned for more information.

12.01.20: Interested in connecting with other readers and writers? Check out our new community board, a curated list of events, readings, and workshops to inspire and motivate.

11.10.20: GLR is pleased to offer a new submission category: Stage & Screen. Send editors Jake Lawson and Joe Atkinson your scripts. Read what they’re looking for here.

9.15.20: It’s such a difficult time in the world, and your art is important! If for any reason you find our submission process inaccessible, please contact us. In addition, submission fees are now waived for BIPOC.

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This week’s episode features writer Caleb Nichols. Caleb is a librarian who also teaches English, so he has plenty of great poetry recommendations.  Listen in as Trelana talks with Caleb about Grandmoms, Cafeterias, and being a VIP.  He has two poems in Issue #2, “August Hymnody” and “I Check The Moon.” Both of these are included in a collaborative collection he and his cousin Lulu are looking to publish soon.

Up Next: Episode 2.3 with Lynn Magill will be released on Friday, January 22.

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featured from the archives:

“Flash” by Nebraska State Poet Matt Mason

3am, naked man in Nebraska
drives his truck through a church,
sideswipes a school,
ends up spinning on the State Capitol’s lawn; | Read more

“Alice and Juno in Hell” by Mary Duquette

The first call came on Thursday over the landline. It rang ten minutes after Alice got home from her new job as Kitchen Assistant at Jacque’s. She sat in her apartment in front of the television set with her coat on and her feet stretched out over the ottoman and picked up the phone on the second ring. | Read more

“Rabelais” by Tim Tomlinson

I once had a writing teacher who told me you can’t write about shit and piss and farts and vomit and I said oh yeah, why not? Didn’t Rabelais’s Gargantua let loose a torrent of piss over the city of Paris? | Read more

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