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Issue One

Nebraska State Poet Matt Mason, Najla Brown, Jamie Wendt, Kathryn Stam, Mary Duquette, James Penha, Clif Mason, Kim Sosin, Tim Tomlinson, Tomas Baiza, Jody Rae

editor’s note

A year ago, Shyla Ann Shehan and Edward Vogel, both MFA candidates at University of Nebraska Omaha, went to a Jennifer Egan reading, had some tacos, and fervently whispered to each other about their desire to start a lit mag. Read their thoughts on nostalgia, tacos, and the inaugural issue of The Good Life Review here.


In this week’s episode Nebraska State Poet Matt Mason talks to Fiction Editor Trelana Daniel about peanut brittle, Warren Buffett, and strange article clippings. Visit our Soundbites page to hear the conversation and be sure and check out his two poems in Issue #1.

Matt’s newest book “I Have a Poem the Size of the Moon,” comes out later this month from Stephen F Austin University Press.

Soundbites is a weekly podcast with contributors of The Good Life Review. Follow us for additional gems and interview highlights.


The Good Life Review is a new quarterly online literary journal, based out of Omaha, Nebraska. Nebraska: #honestlyit’snotforeveryone

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Issue Two

Now reading for Winter 2020. We are especially interested in Spanish and French translations, pieces that don’t seem to fit into tidy genres, and stage and theater scripts.

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