Statistically Speaking by Emdash AKA Emily Lu Gao

Statistically Speaking | Emdash AKA Emily Lu Gao


About the Author:

Emdash AKA Emily Lu Gao hopes you try free 24/7 resources like NYC Wellness Line  and The Trevor Project if you need any support. (She has used both personally.) Emdash is a multi-genre writer, poet, and teacher. She is also the daughter of Chinese immigrants. Her writing is propagated from Spoken Word Poetry and Ethnic Studies, primarily grappling with queerness, mental health & healing. Publishing wise, her poems can be found in The Agave Review, Curious Publishing and Queer Rain. Currently she is a Poetry MFA candidate at Rutgers University-Newark. She splits her time between NJ and SoCal. When not writing, she is likely snackin’, rescheduling therapy, or telling one too many jokes.  You can send platypus GIFs to her on IG @emdashh or Twitter @emdashwrites. (she/they)