Your Name by Tamara Nasution

Your Name | Tamara Nasution

The perfect three-syllable word in a sensual
              curve of six alphabets: azalea, chakra,
tundra. It means nothing in your language and
              everything in mine. No equivalences

in the widely-spoken tongue; your name brings
              to mind you, and you only. Its diction
pronounced like a song or harmonious reading
              of the Psalm; a prayer I have recited

like a lifelong acquaintance. Incandescent lights
              of colored shreds of glass give your name
all the shades of electromagnetic waves—
              softly tinted with the music played by

the mermaids. It rhymes with aurora, euphoria,
              enigma: a hypothetical utopia dreamed
by your father. Your name is a keyword to a
              world unexplored; a riposte to my lasting pleas.


About the Author:

Tamara was born and raised in small town in Indonesia. She has been writing since her preteen years and has several pieces of her works selected for publication, including for a poem contest organized by the ASEAN. Her writings are mostly derived from her personal experiences; she often writes about what it is like to be queer among a heteronormative society.

When she’s not writing, Tamara works full-time in a nonprofit focusing on children. She is passionate about humanitarian aids and climate change adaptation. You can catch more of her on her social medias: Instagram @kappaca and Twitter @sacredswamp