August Hymnody By Caleb Nichols

August Hymnody | By Caleb Nichols

Growing up in August Country
August light, the golden twilight
Eucalyptus crowned the canyon
Blue gum towers lit like lampposts

August feeling on the waters
Calm and quiet in the harbor
Past the sun-baked oyster farmers
Past the open estuary

From the dunes an august silence
Toward the inlet tidal marshes
With the stillness of an egret
With the hush of pending autumn

There’s a stand of hollow cypress
With the likeness of a graveyard
Where I sit in august wonder
At the gently lapping waves.

About the Author:

Caleb Nichols is a queer poet and musician from California. His poetry has been featured in Redivider, Perhappened Mag, Cypress: A Literary Journal, and elsewhere. His poem, “Ken,” won an Academy of American Poets University Prize, and his first chapbook, 22 Lunes, is available from Unsolicited Press. He tweets at @seanickels.