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Mirror: Madonna de la Playa By Clare Bercot Zwerling

Mirror: Madonna de la Playa | By Clare Bercot Zwerling

Excuse me Lady
I’ve interrupted the path to the sea
halted the progress of your
hesitant footfalls
the child awaits in the
shallows of the surf
eyes on you
on this sultry, sunlit
beautifully clear-skied
summer morning.

He doesn’t see
your meatless limbs
clothed head to toe in black
the clouded eyes
near toothless gape
he doesn’t notice the sadness and shame
he sees Madonna, Mother
looking to know that he is safe
and I’ve stepped in your path
if only for this moment.

Disculpe Señora
He interrumpido el camino hacia el mar
detuvo el progreso de sus
pisadas vacilantes
el hijo espera en la
orilla del oleaje
ojos en vos
en esta mañana de verano
clima bochornoso, soleada
cielos despejados.

El no ve
sus extremidades sin carne
cubierto de ropa negra de cabeza a pies
los ojos nublados
la boca casi desdentada
no nota la tristeza y la vergüenza
solo ve a su Madonna, Madre
buscando saber que el estára salvo
y yo me he interpuesto en su camino
aunque solo por este momento.

About the Author:

Clare M. Bercot Zwerling is a newer poet with nine poems published to date in glassworks, Halcyon Days, Night Waves Anthology 2019, Red Sky Anthology 2020, Coffin Bell Journal, Horror Before it Was Cool, Gyroscope Review, The Purpled Nail and Odes and Elegies: Eco-Poetry from the Texas Gulf Coast. Her forthcoming poetry publications include The Oakland Review, Poetry South and Erosion Anthology 2021.  A retired CPA and transplant from Deep South Texas, Clare resides in Northern California and is a member of the Writers of the Mendocino Coast.