Issue #7 ~ Spring 2022

Cover Art: Braided Platte by Kim Sosin

Kim McNealy Sosin is Emerita Professor of Economics at the University of Nebraska Omaha and in retirement enjoys creating and publishing photography, poetry and flash fiction.  One morning she was on a rural bridge in Nebraska over a braid of the Platte River, when this sky materialized. The photograph has been given an impressionistic treatment.

Covid Floral and Hope | Cynthia Yatchman

Cynthia Yatchman is a Seattle based artist and art instructor. She shows extensively in the PaciNic Northwest. Past shows have included Seattle University, the Tacoma and Seattle Convention Centers and the PaciNic Science Center. Her art is housed in numerous public and private collections.

Deep Sea Divers | Mirjana Miric

Mirjana M. is a self taught digital artist from Belgrade, Serbia. Her work focuses on exploring the synergy of different media, including portraiture, double exposure, texture photography and digital collage. Her work most often encompasses motives of duality in humans and nature, and her work has appeared in various magazines online as well as a part of “Daylighted” art exhibition.  You can find more of her work at 

Despite Blue Skies | Cristina Querrer

Cristina Querrer was born and raised in the Philippines, post-Vietnam War, during the Marcos regime, pre-Mount Pinatubo eruption, as a US Air Force military child. Querrer has two published books of poetry, “By Astrolabes & Constellations” by Agave Press that won a silver medal from Florida Authors and Publishers Association President’s Award, and chapbook, “The Art of Exporting”, by Dancing Girl Press, and other various publications online and in print. She is a U.S. Army veteran, has an MFA in Creative Writing and an MLIS. She is a writer, visual artist, singer/songwriter, producer, and podcaster. You can learn more about her and her work at

Lucid Dreams | Gian Carla Agbisit

Gian Carla Agbisit is currently a student of Comparative Aesthetics at the Université de Picardie Jules Verne, France. She is also a Philosophy instructor at the University of Santo Tomas, Philippines. Some of her poetry and short stories can be found in Aji Magazine, Elevation Review, Five on the FifthFoliate Oak Literary Magazine, among others. She is also the Managing Editor of Kritike: an Online Journal of Philosophy.

Midnight Reminiscence | Britnie Walston

Britnie graduated from Goucher College as a fine and performing arts scholar and studied at the Maryland Institute College of Art. While in college, she also studied art and Greek mythology abroad in Greece with the University of Maryland College Park. Britnie’s interviews are featured in LandEscape Contemporary Art Review and Art Reveal Magazine. Her art is also published in Carolina Quarterly, Chestnut Review, Cutbank, and more. She is also forthcoming in Denver Quarterly.



Issue #6 ~ Winter 2022

Cover Art:
Cityscrape | Lindsey Grant

Self-identifying as a neurodivergent, two-spirit, elder storyteller deeply rooted in the roar and lore that’s become Portlandia of The Left Coast, The Artist attributes success and survival (if not salvation) to superlative supports, mindfulness practice, and daily creative expression in words, sounds, and images.

Elfin Bishop | Lindsey Grant

More about Lindsey:

I drive a 1990 Volvo 240 station wagon covered with individually drawn, safety yellow emojis, 3″ diameter. My father would have berated me, “Now the resale value’s in the toilet!” He lacked an appreciation for the intangible value of art. The joy that “Emojine” brings to the community is immeasurable and palpable. Aside from that, she is oh-so-much-more easy to find in a crowded parking lot.

Mariafumaca | Bianca Rivetti

São Paulo-based artist, Bianca Rivetti Burattini, has been developing her art for several years through a span of different mediums. Originally an Architect, Rivetti has incorporated different facets of color and composition within her craft, creating bold, colorful works through a blend of pop art and fantasy. This piece was developed in a mixed medium, using ink, watercolor, and digital artwork. It is inspired by late 1920’s aesthetics and the Brazilian expression “Maria Fumaça” which refers to a coal-powered locomotive, as well as people who excessively smoke.

Moonrise in Kauai | Lawrence Bridges

I’m a forager. I seek mischievousness and often, in my work, employ the deliberate use of shock while seeking the truth in human behavior. Photographic truth is justice. There is no fake truth in front of the camera. I find truth in nature or on computer screens. We suffer therefore we love and therefore protect one another. This is the burden of self-consciousness. My photographs attempt to freeze behaviors that change in front of me at high speed. I despair only when I cannot bring the camera up for a photograph before the moment disappears, but often into another photograph, strange and rich with the movement of time.

Monster at the Door II | Christopher Paul Brown

Christopher Paul Brown is known for his exploration of the unconscious and the serendipitous. In 2020 his work appeared in fourteen periodicals and two hardcover books. His first photography sale was to the Standard Oil Company of Indiana and his video You Define Single File was nominated for the Golden Gate Award at the 47th San Francisco International Film Festival. Brown was born in Dubuque, Iowa and now resides in North Carolina. He earned a BA in Film from Columbia College Chicago in 1980.

Dreaming in Color | Zephyr Z

Zephyr Z is a computer programmer from Kearns, Utah who uses code to generate modern art. He is a self-taught artist using a Generative Adversarial Network (GAN) in his creative art process. As an independent fun-loving soul, he is a Computer Scientist who loves to create new generative art algorithms, combining them with live performances. In this way, his emotions and feelings become a part of the experience.

Serenity | Andrew Jordan

There is some kind of incomprehensible mystery in the fact that they pay more for an unloved job. Apparently society is so cynically arranged that if you offer the most expensive thing you have – your best time of life, then they willingly pay for this resource and for this energy. And if you dare to do what you love and try to offer your results in this endeavor, then money bypasses you. The creative path of the photographer from Russia Andrew Jordan is a confirmation of this.

Winter Star | Andrew Jordan

More about Andrew: Photographer from Russia, Andrew Jordan, born 28.08.1976, lives in the Krasnodar region in the small resort town of Goryachiy Klyuch near the Black Sea coast. After 20 years of working as a lawyer, with a good legal career, Andrew decided to leave the office and take up creative photography, which he had long dreamed of. Not having the slightest experience in art education, but driven by an indomitable craving for creative self-realization, Andrey and his wife Irina opened their own small photo studio and spend every day in self-education, creative experiments, and promotion of their talents.

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Issue 5, Autumn 2021

Cover Art:
Within the Oak Tree | Kate (Junehyo) Choi

Kate (Junehyo) Choi is a 17-year-old eleventh grader attending Asheville School in North Carolina. Her hobbies include listening to music, watching movies and reading books. She is currently preparing her portfolio for university.

Hanna Wright

Hanna Marie Dean Wright is a self-taught folk artist residing in Keavy, Kentucky. She uses her experiences from growing up in rural South-Eastern Kentucky, teaching special education classes, and living with obsessive compulsive disorder to inspire her unique works of art. Hanna Wright uses bold lines and bright colors to create abstract figures with relatable and at times deeply emotional expressions.

Artist Website:

Waters Breedlove

Waters Breedlove is a multimedia artist based in the USA.  This piece expresses chi loss due to a spinal cord injury. It is part of a progressive series illustrating the binding of the chi loss through meditative visuals.

Introspection | Marcella Peralta Simon

Marcella Peralta Simon is a recently retired Latinx grandmother, splitting her time between Cambridge, UK and Kissimmee, Florida. She has been a diplomat, university professor, and instructional designer. Her artwork has been published in Smoky Blue Literary and Arts Magazine, Beyond Words Literary Magazine, and The Acentos Review.

Marcella explores her Latin American roots and background in political activism to create passionate commentary on the tribulation and joy of the human condition.

Nathan Cho

Nathan Cho is a sophomore attending Youngsan International School. He is currently creating his portfolio to attend a university in America. His current plan is to major in architecture.

The Breakthrough | Danielle Sung

Danielle Sung is a junior at Phillips Exeter Academy in Exeter, New Hampshire. In her spare time, she enjoys creating art, visiting exhibits around the world, studying art history and anthropology. Sung has won recognitions in several art competitions, including winning Gold Medals in the National Scholastic Art and Writing Awards, being selected as the American Vision and Voices Nominee, and the winner of the 2019 Congressional Art Competition. Sung is currently preparing to major in art with a focus on portraiture and installations.

Vivian Calderón Bogoslavsky

Vivian Calderón Bogoslavsky is a Colombia Native born to Argentinian parents. She holds a bachelors in anthropology with a minor in history and a postgraduate degree in Journalism from Universidad of Los Andes in Bogota, Colombia. She has studied art  for over 13 years with a well know Argentinian art master as well as studies in Florence, Italy, and Fine Arts & Design in USA. She was in Madrid Spain for one year painting and having art exhibitions and today she is in Colombia exploring her art.

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Issue 4, Summer 2021 Art

Pieces of My Family: Innerness by Claire Lawrence 

Pieces of My Family: Innernessby Claire Lawrence

Claire Lawrence is a storyteller and mixed-media visual artist living in British Columbia, Canada. She has been published in Canada, the United States, United Kingdom, Germany, and India. Her work has been performed on BBC radio. Claire’s stories have appeared in numerous publications, including Geist, Pulp Literature, Litro, Ravensperch, Brilliant Flash Fiction, Hot Flash Fiction, and more. She has a number of prize-winning stories and was nominated for the 2016 Pushcart Prize. Claire’s artwork has appeared in many magazines, including A3 Review, Sunspot, Cold Mountain Review, Inverted Syntax, pulpMag, and more. Her goal is to create and publish in all genres, and not inhale too many fumes.

From “Journal Entry” by Emily Saenz

“Journal Entry” by Emily Saenz

Emily Saenz, also known as E.SRose on Instagram, is an eighteen-year-old artist that is just starting out in her career. Currently, she is attending college in Arizona for a Fine Arts degree with plans of continuing her artistic expression outside of school. She also loves hanging out with her family (especially her two dogs) and creating artwork with a strong focus on color as well as internal narrative.

From Tragic New Years by Isabella Suell

“Tragic New Years” by Isabella Suell

Isabella Suell is a student at Millsaps College who is double majoring in English and Anthropology. She has been published in two literary journals and has been a feature in Portico magazine as a writer. She has won a national silver key from scholastic for her written work, and other keys for her photography and portfolio. She has most recently been published in Stylus Magazine and In Parenthesis. Her goal with her work is to provide the viewer with immediate feeling, through story and imaginable narrative. She believes the picture should inspire feeling, and subsequent internal storytelling by the viewer.

The TimeCard by Noē Piña

The Water Bearer by Noē Piña

The TimeCard” and “The Water Bearer” by Noē Piña

Noē Piña, was born in Los Angeles, CA as a first generation American.  He grew up traveling throughout Mexico and in those travels visiting museums, galleries, and cultural institutes.

He studied at The Los Angeles Music & Art School, Plaza de La Raza, Instituto Cultural Cabañas, Guadalajara, Mexico, Cal State LA, and Otis College of Art and Design where he received a Bachelor of Fine Arts.

After College he helped establish and led the Arts program at Oxford International School, later he taught Art to inner-city students at  Soledad Enrichment Action Inc. a non-profit organization founded in 1972 by mothers in East LA who had lost their sons to gang violence.  He was then recruited by Sister Jennie Lechtenberg, SNJM  Founder of P.U.E.N.T.E. (People United to Enrich the Neighborhood Through Education)  There he taught  Art and Language Arts in conjunction with a partnership from The J. Paul Getty Museum: Art & Language Program.

From Language of Water by Lana Eileen

“Language of Water” by Lana Eileen

Lana Eileen is a musician and visual artist currently based in Australia. Through painting, photography, and sculpture, Eileen’s work fuses abstract elements with fine details, combining seemingly disparate fragments to evoke a sense of magic realism. In 2019, she undertook an artist residency in remote Iceland. Previously based in New Zealand, Eileen currently resides on the island of Tasmania, where she attends the School of Creative Arts and Media.

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