editor's notes


Issue #8 ~ Summer 2022
Editor’s Note

Dear Friends and Readers, 

As I sit down to write this letter I wonder who, if anyone, will read it. It is indeed the smallest sliver of work that will have gone into making this–the eighth issue of our beloved little passion project, The Good Life Review. It’s one of the very last things I do before the issue is released and always provides an opportunity to walk backward in my mind and reflect on all the people that came together to make the issue and the literary journal possible. Let me be clear, the list is long. 

First, I’d like to acknowledge and express deep gratitude to the judges of this year’s Honeybee Literature Prize: Kwame Dawes for Poetry, Charlene Donaghy for Stage and Screen, Mary Kuryla for Fiction, and Jessica Hendry Nelson for Nonfiction. These fine folks not only volunteered their time and expertise but were also kind, thoughtful with their endorsements of the pieces, and wonderful to work with. 

Of course, there was also quite a bit of effort involved in narrowing down the hundreds of submissions we received to the five finalists in each category. Thanks to the members of our editorial team who carefully considered each piece: Annie Barker, Pamela Broadman, Suzanne Guess, Erin Owen, Michelle Pierce Battle, Carina Faz, and Emily Marvin. Thanks also to guest editors Terry Belew and Cid Galicia who collaborated with us on the effort and are officially joining the team as poetry readers for our next issue (welcome!).

However, the work here truly began in the hearts and minds of the authors who were willing to share with us. Without their drive, imagination, and passion for writing, we would not have such amazing work to offer in our virtual pages. This issue features nine outstanding pieces from the winners and runners-up of our Honeybee Prize and I’m delighted to have had the opportunity to work with each of them. I’d like to extend  gratitude and congratulations to the following:

  • Jane Muschenetz for first prize in poetry
  • Jennifer Downes for first prize in stage & screen
  • Alex Sese for first prize in fiction
  • Suzi Banks Baum for first prize in nonfiction
  • Helyn Trickey Bradley for the Editor’s Choice award. 

Congratulations also to the runners-up in each category: Sequoia Maner, W. W. Webb, Adeline Lovell, and Liliana Rehorn. 

The list does not end there, though. This issue also includes some bold artwork by several talented artists. These pieces were selected because they caught our eye and also for the ways in which they visually complement the writing in each of the stories, scripts, and poems. For details about each piece and the artist who created it, please visit the issue 8 artwork page

In closing, I would be remiss if I did not mention friend and co-founder Ed Vogel, whose enthusiasm was a driving force in the establishment of our team and the creation of our first seven issues. As of this issue, Ed has officially stepped away from TGLR to focus on other aspects of his life. Though his fervor and positive energy will be missed, our team remains committed and will continue to provide a beautiful and inclusive platform for writers and artists who seek a home for their work. 

As always, dear readers, I hope you enjoy every bit of what this issue has to offer and that you will return again and again! That’s it for Issue #8, Summer 2022.

Cheers to Shade Trees and Honeybees,