Issue #8 ~ Summer 2022

Cover Art | Malia Nahinu

Malia Nahinu is a Los Angeles, CA artist who loves to create art as a form of healing and has been published worldwide.

Baby Breath | Vian Borchert

acrylic on canvas, 2022

Vian Borchert’s landscape paintings evoke the idea of romance while remaining engaging and contemporary. As an expressionist artist, Borchert describes her artwork as a form of visual poetry. Borchert’s art presents imagined landscapes of romantic fields while the nature depicted emerges to tell stories of far away lands.

Vian Borchert is an award winning artist and poet exhibiting worldwide. Vian is a Notable Alumni from Corcoran George Washington University. Borchert exhibits in major cities with numerous coverage in publications. Borchert is an art educator in the DC area.

Ocean Tears | Danielle O’Hanlon

20×20 acrylic on canvas

Danielle O’Hanlon is a self-taught visual artist specializing in 3D acrylic sculpting and mixed media paintings. Her work is abstract and dreamlike, with color-changing backgrounds and 3D elements. Danielle also works with oil, acrylic, and charcoal. Danielle’s works have been published in multiple magazines and have been featured in galleries all over the US. Danielle currently lives and works in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. More of her work can be seen at

Over the Edge | Moti Mordechay Cohen

Moti Mordechay Cohen (מוטי כהן) is an Israel artist interested in art for more than four decades and has been painting and drawing for more than three decades. He works without prior planning in an intuitive process until a theme, an idea, or a vision finds him. He paints in a studio with no windows as he does not need a view. He uses industrial materials like tar, black ink, and other colors which enable him to express his feelings. A good painting to him manages to arouse the viewer’s interest and thought.

Blooms of Hope | Marco Aversa

Marco Aversa is a grade 9 student at Our Lady of the Bay in Collingwood Ontario. Aside from running his small business, he enjoys visual arts, baking and escape rooms. He can be found @themakershack on Instagram and TikTtok. 

The Map of A Myth V | Kwong Kwok Wai

(51 cm X 61 cm, oil and acrylics on canvas, 2022)

I usually start with concepts in my painting process, and concepts converted into symbols. With abstractions suggestive of old places, I try to build up a connection between history and contemporary art. Having always liked drawing maps of some imaginary places since childhood, I recently experimented portraying history with maps. In this painting, I employed a topographical map of Hong Kong in 1904, and transformed the symbols of the village settlements into abstract patterns.

Teatime | Barbara Candiotti

Barbara Candiotti is a former High Tech Worker who now focuses on photography, art, and writing.

“Teatime” depicts a whirlwind fusion of complementary colors of cyan and orange surrounding the calming Kanji symbol for tea (Cha) at its center – calmness beckons in the middle of any storm. Her work can be found at Candiotti-Art.

SpeculumLacum & SomniareAquae | Robert Palmer

Robert’s recent subject matter revolves around landscape. His portfolio consists of balancing subject matter between two ideas; large open spaces and small concentrated spaces, both in landscape. Some works are inspired by places Robert visited, while others are inspired from places he imagined.
Robert Palmer graduated Sum Cum Laude from ASU with a degree in Fine Art, Painting in 2003. He has been shown in several shows throughout Utah and Arizona. In June 2022,
Robert was a featured at Tempe Gammage Auditorium.

Travelling Inward | Cristina Iorga

Cristina Iorga’s art is a burst of the subconscious. In her conception, art is concerned with the expression of both the spiritual and the material. Iorga thinks that the expression of pure feeling puts the viewer in touch with an alternative, ultimately spiritual world.