Issue #11 ~ Spring 2023

Cover Art by Andrew Furey

Artwork submitted by Aidan Furey of Belfast, Ireland, on behalf of his brother, Andrew.

Andrew Furey was born in Lisburn in 1974. He studied Art History at Cardiff Art College (UWIC) and later settled in Nottingham for much of his adult life. His debut exhibition in 2011, Listening to Rivers in Trees, had a deep connection to this area. He returned to Ireland in 2016 where his work focused on the abstract as found in nature. Andrew passed away in Amsterdam on the 12th of April 2022.  

Andrew Furey
Andrew Furey
Ocean of Stillness
Ocean of Stillness by Shrishti Tassin
Ocean of Stillness by Shrishti Tassin

Shrishti Tassin is an artist based in India. Her body of works includes abstract landscapes, installation art and murals. 

She feels compelled to capture emotions evoked by nature’s inherent numinous quality, juxtaposing the beauty of a physical landscape to the hidden embers and expanse of our consciousness; her works explore nature as simultaneously containing an instant and the infinite.

She has created artistically diverse works for public spaces and curatorial art for private collectors.

Where Two Infinites Meet by Shrishti Tassin
Where Mountains Touched the Sky by Shrishti Tassin

Chartreuse Woods ~ Acrylic On Canvas by Vian Borchert
Chartreuse Woods by Vian Borchert

Vian Borchert is a noted expressionist artist. Borchert has exhibited extensively within the US and internationally. Vian is a graduate and “Notable Alumni” from the Corcoran George Washington University, Washington, DC. Borchert exhibits in museums and key galleries in major cities like NYC, LA, London. Borchert had her artwork exhibited in prestigious venues like The SAM Museum in PA, The National Liberty Museum in Philadelphia, Times Square – Broadway Plaza, United Nations Lobby Gallery in NYC, Art Basel Miami Beach, 1stDibs Design Center in Chelsea, NYC. Borchert’s artwork is also in embassies and in private collections worldwide. Borchert’s art has been vastly featured in press like the esteemed Museum Week Magazine, Oxford Public Philosophy Journal,  MOEVIR Paris Fashion & Art Magazine, ARTPIL, The Washington Post, 300 Luxury Magazine, Collect Art Magazine and Vie magazine. Borchert is an art educator in the DC area. Borchert’s artwork is available in “1stDibs” and “Artsy”.

A Petal Darkly by Beth Horton
A Petal Darkly by Beth Horton

Beth Horton holds a degree in creative arts therapy and majored in health science at Niagara University, located in Lewiston, New York. Her love for art began as a small child, watching her father paint into the wee hours of the morning. In addition to abstract art, Beth enjoys photography, mixed-media composition and sketches. Her work has appeared in numerous publications, including: About Place Journal, Aji Magazine, and Olit.


Disintegration by Beth Horton