Issue 4, Summer 2021 Stage & Screen

Steve Loiaconi | Caged

ED: a 20-something struggling actor and hopeless romantic. 

MARY: Ed’s ex-girlfriend and current roommate. It’s awkward. 

ROY: a 30-year-old cryptozoologist who is either very good or very bad at his job and it’s not entirely clear which. 

KAPPA: spokes-creature for a fast food chain. Heard, but never seen on stage. 

SET: a cramped New York apartment divided into three sections: a bedroom, a living room, and a fire escape. The bedroom has a closet door and a woman’s bed covered with stuffed animals. The living room has a couch, the front door, a coat rack, a doorway to an unseen kitchen, and a window leading to the fire escape covered by a security grate. 

A cage rattles in the darkness. Lights come up on the bedroom.

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