6-flash fiction

The Good Life Review presents Issue #6 ~ Winter 2022 Flash Fiction

Issue #6 ~ Winter 2022
Flash Fiction

Two Stories | Jiahui Wu

The Eternal Dead

Frantically, the drowned man refuses to drown. Only snippets of spit from his mouth remain after the waves crash. One minute he rolls under and another he floats up as the sea recedes from the sand. Like plastic, the man gradually breaks into little bits, while his consciousness follows the unchangeable courses of the sun and moon.

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The Couple

The table stood up and left the room. He went to the door and tilted to one side to edge his way out the door. The chair was left standing on her feet, her long legs wistful and lonely. She looked out the window and thought to herself, “we will see how you get down those stairs without breaking a leg or two.”

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