The Good Life Review presents Issue #6 ~ Winter 2022 Poetry…

Issue #6 ~ Winter 2022

What They Carried With Them | Ellen June Wright

They carried everything one can bring 
             when one can bring nothing.

They carried everything they knew:
             languages and dialects, songs mothers taught them

as babes and early blues sang as prisoners of war,
             memories of their home’s terrain: mountains

and valleys, grasslands and vast lands,
             recipes for how to cook everything

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A Question of Ownership | Ellen June Wright

Apostrophe I

If I say you’re mine 
as in I own you, 
I want to own you, 
to possess you—
is that love or 
something darker?

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Felis Ellipses | Jack Phillips

Cat tracks make ellipses on snow like a poem when they stop the silence goes deeper. Funny that Felis Rufus slinks up frozen creek beds passing unseen and that our un-bobcat-like stomp and skitter finds around each bend her spoor. We take our prompts from native snow…

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Imelda | Cristina Legarda

When I was seven 
a black sedan appeared 
in front of our house. 
My mother and I were spirited away
to Malacañang: they wanted her hands
and eyes, her stethoscope on a baby girl. 

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Declarations of Hunger | Reed Smith

                        after A. E. Backus

He paints a bird and a snake. 
                        It is midday 
in a field. One glistens cruelly. One tries not
to give itself away.

The fractal swath of deliverance
glitters in the ocean’s current. 

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