Issue #10 ~ Winter 2023

Cover Art: Scarred Beauty by Gerburg Garmann

Gerburg Garmann, a native of Germany, is a former professor of Global Languages and Cross-Cultural Studies at the University of Indianapolis, USA, and is now fully concentrating on the arts.  Her scholarly publications appear in English, German, and French in international journals. Her artwork and poems have appeared in various magazines and anthologies around the world. “Painting is yet another foreign language for me and allows for aesthetic expression in form of color, shape, thought, and passion. It is a language, which can be shared by many, verbally and non-verbally. Because paintings (just as other forms of art) provide symbolic as well as real meeting grounds of the spiritual and our day-to-day experiences, they solicit our reaction no matter whether our engagement with the actual piece of art ends up in affection or dislike, in affirmation or disapproval. In the end, all artwork manifests a story.” She specializes in creating art for women.

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Cannibal’s Cantabile by Jay Daugherty

Jay Daugherty studied art history at SOAS and Tibetan Studies at Oxford. His abstract surrealist style draws inspiration from a wide range of sources, including Vajrayana Buddhism, Dzogchen, theories of perception, and the phenomenology of pictorial space. 

The Great Release  by Anthony Afairo Nze

Anthony Afairo Nze is a graphic designer and artist from Indianapolis, Indiana. For more of his work visit him on Instagram @ Anthony.the.artistt.

East Side Gallery, Berlin  by Jeremiah Gilbert

Jeremiah Gilbert is a college professor and award-winning photographer and travel writer based out of Southern California. His travels have taken him to nearly a hundred countries and territories spread across six continents. His photography has been published internationally and has been exhibited worldwide. He is also the author of the collections Can’t Get Here from There: Fifty Tales of Travel and From Tibet to Egypt: Early Travels After a Late Start. He can be found on Instagram @jg_travels.

At the Intersection of Leaf and Rain  by David A. Goodrum

David A. Goodrum is a photographer/writer in Corvallis, Oregon. His photos have graced covers of Cirque Journal, Willows Wept Review, Blue Mesa Review, Ilanot Review, Red Rock Review, The Moving Force Journal, and appeared in many others. His artistic vision has always been to create a visual field that momentarily transports you away from hectic daily events and into a place that delights in an intimate view of the world. See additional work at

Suttons Bay by Lori McElrath Eslick

As a Kendall grad, and one of the few from Kendall who is hired by Hallmark Cards in Kansas City as a greeting card artist, they demand that level of all the artists that they recruit and hire from around the country, and world, so I’ve worked hard all of my working artist life to create art to the best of my skills. Now as a children’s book author and illustrator, I’ve illustrated 20 plus picture books a few are also in watercolor. That said, to paint at any level is to have fun. Art should be about having fun. More from Lori at Instagram: @mcelratheslick