Issue 3, Spring 2021 Poetry

Astrid Kallsen in the Myth of Pandora’s Box
by Noel Nichols

Moriah Bray | Half of Klimt’s Water Serpents II

The painting was a reproduction, only half of the original depicted and the colors somehow wrong
not enough green, nor yellow.
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Emma Bernstein | Waiting to Pee, I Invent My Future

At a gas station between Ashland and Redding, 
I sit godlike on the curb in salvo jeans and gather 
chips of orange paint under a sliver of firs and blank sky
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Andrew Geoffrey Kwabena Moss | Twi Phone-ology

Mum on the phone speaking pure Twi
I hear the ring of tongue twisting conjuring
I listen in, keenly, to my Kwahu ancestry
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Angela Gabrielle Fabunan | The Maria Magdalena

for Rayji de Guia
The procession of backs turned is a sea of red
anonymous in the enormous crowd.
Turn to face me, tell me is this all the change 
we will ever see, these coins, scattered at Your feet,
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Wendy Thompson Taiwo | Disintegrate

First the legs will go, then the hearing.
I’m not sure who needs to hear this, you announce 
loudly to no one in particular and everyone in the 
room, but getting old really sucks.
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