Issue 3, Spring 2021 Stage & Screen

Nitty-Gritty Studio
by Fringer Cat

David Hogan | FORE

JONES   early 30s, an environmental activist
AMANDA   early 30s, a defense contractor
DEREK   40s, a golfer 

Place: A golf course in New Jersey 

Time: Present

Scene 1 

Setting: A forest next to a golf course. 

At Rise: The sound of two voices screaming and branches breaking, etc. Lights up on  JONES and AMANDA as they hang in parachute harnesses a few feet above the stage.  

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Marian Cronin | SLEEPLESS


On an unfashionable LATE NIGHT set and covered in rabbit-ear  fuzz, MEREDITH (34) smiles in painful anticipation. The  sparkles on her dress reflect the stage lights. A bit of pink lipstick stains her teeth.
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