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Cityscrape by Lindsey Grant

6 Inside: Joe Cappello, Jessica Mendoza, Sally Quon, Geoff Watkinson, Cassie Burkhardt, Lynne Golodner, Jiahui Wu, Christina Legarda, JJ Smith, Ellen June Wright, Jack Phillips, and Reed Smith

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January 19, 2022 | Interview

Reflections on caregiving and finding inspiration: Katherine Kubarski

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January 13, 2022 | Interview

“Writing was a lifeline”: Laurie Guerin

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December 30, 2021 | Interview

Impossible Owls and the gift of processing: Kara Davidson

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December 16, 2021 | Interview

Dadaism and the art of free association: Adam Graham

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The Good Life Review nominates for the Pushcart Prize and Best of the Net

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We are now a 501C nonprofit and are paying authors as of Issue #7.

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from the archives:

Summer Elegy II by Todd Robinson

Nebraska’s bare branches
paw at skies full of pointless

blue, mercurial daymoon.
Powerless like me

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Passport by Nicholas Cormier III

The streetlights of downtown Santa Monica shimmer off of the gold eagle on the cover of my prized little blue book. The great seal illuminating the words: United States. Each page stamped with multi-colored tattoos that harken to my life before these nightly searches for dirty cigarette butts and food.

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Blinding by Ali Bryan

You’re lucky, he says. To have three. Three kids he means, of course. Their fleshy thighs press against you, their sopping hair and wrinkled suits graze your arms.

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Flash by Nebraska State Poet Matt Mason

Not a soul notices / how beautiful the Capitol building looks in this rain, confetti / of light beams, / orange pickup spinning on the green, / tires spraying mud across the cosmos.

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Sleepless by Marian Cronin

I’m afraid that I’ve hidden my true nature for as long as I can. 

Your true nature being…? 

Terrible, Jimmy. Just awful. 

The audience laughs. 

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We are currently reading for this year’s Honeybee Prize (submissions are closed). This year the prize payout has increased to $14oo and the judges are as follows:

Poetry – Kwame Dawes
Stage and Screen – Charlene A. Donaghy
Fiction – Mary Kuryla
Nonfiction – Jessica Hendry Nelson

Finalists will be announced in June and winners in July. Visit our contest page for all the details!

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