editor's notes


Issue #5 ~ Autumn 2021
Editor’s Note

Hello friends,

It is autumn again here in Nebraska, and for me, it often feels like the most ironic season of all; when juxtaposition reigns supreme. The weather gets cooler, yet we find ourselves cozy and warm as we gather around fires and swap our summer wardrobes for sweaters, boots, and hats. It’s the season when the nights become longer than the days, farmers’ markets disappear, and we have to mentally prepare for what we know is coming. It’s a dramatic volta, indeed. I’ve learned that one great way to settle into autumn is to wrap my hands around a hot drink and dig into a good book or an engaging collection of stories or poems. Which is exactly why we are delighted to present our 5th issue of The Good Life Review

This issue features the ten-minute stage play, The Farewell Burn, by Kara Davidson, selected as the winner for our inaugural Honey Bee Prize in the Stage & Screen category by judge Michael Oatman. 

We’re also pleased as punch to present a poem by the Emperor of Ice Cream himself, Todd Robinson, alongside a stellar line-up of other talented writers and artists. Michael Wesner’s story “The Shapiros” will make you laugh and Soo Yeon Chun’s poem “Oath of Assimilation” will roll through you like a heavy freight train. And we would be remiss if we failed to mention the artwork included in the pages of this issue; these pieces are incredible. 

As autumn slips into winter it reminds us that change is inevitable. It is with that sentiment that we say “See you down the road” to two editors that have been with us since our first issue, Stepha Vesper and Mike Keller-Wilson. They are both talented writers and wonderful humans who have been a joy to work with. Ed and I are happy that they were willing to volunteer their time and insight, and we wish them well with their exciting new adventures. Despite these departures, the GLR is growing larger as we have three new editors joining for Issue #6: Kim Whiteside on the Stage & Screen team, Michelle Battle Lyles as a Poetry Editor, and Tana Lee Buoy on the Flash Fiction team. Welcome, ladies. We are excited to have you on board!! 

As always, we express gratitude to everyone who contributed to this issue and to all who will read it. We hope you enjoy it  and that you will return again and again!

That’s it for Issue #5, Autumn 2021. 

With Peace, Love, and Caramel Apple Pie,