Issue 5, Autumn 2021

Oath of Assimilation | Soo Yeon Chun

I hereby declare 1
that three years ago, I was born again, 
as a mellow-skinned immigrant
with slit eyes and twisted tongue. 

At the airport, I hugged my mother—
“I believe you,” she beamed, 
her words soaking my bones
like the permanent smell of kimchi. 

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Summer Elegy II | Todd Robinson

Nebraska’s bare branches
paw at skies full of pointless

blue, mercurial daymoon.
Powerless like me

or my disabled wife
wobbling our broken

palace in cashmere 
and bracken. She wants

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Another April | Katherine Kubarski

Today I end the long cocoon-ment, drop the burlap 
itch and scratch for a pink puffer jacket.
Remember how pretty feels. 

Novel to be with a man I hardly know, to walk on April snow, 
just inches above the hard ground, to talk nothing deeper 
than winter’s last covering. 

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Truth at the Delicatessen | Brian Yapko

An hour after I told them they tried 
to pretend everything was normal. 
We went to Canter’s, three bagels,
cream cheese, lox, apricot danish. 

Their grim faces stared into their 
coffees as if the future could be 
written in the pale swirls of cream or 
the sugar spilled from its envelope

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