Issue 5, Autumn 2021

Cover Art:
Within the Oak Tree | Kate (Junehyo) Choi

Kate (Junehyo) Choi is a 17-year-old eleventh grader attending Asheville School in North Carolina. Her hobbies include listening to music, watching movies and reading books. She is currently preparing her portfolio for university.

Hanna Wright

Hanna Marie Dean Wright is a self-taught folk artist residing in Keavy, Kentucky. She uses her experiences from growing up in rural South-Eastern Kentucky, teaching special education classes, and living with obsessive compulsive disorder to inspire her unique works of art. Hanna Wright uses bold lines and bright colors to create abstract figures with relatable and at times deeply emotional expressions.

Artist Website:

Waters Breedlove

Waters Breedlove is a multimedia artist based in the USA.  This piece expresses chi loss due to a spinal cord injury. It is part of a progressive series illustrating the binding of the chi loss through meditative visuals.

Introspection | Marcella Peralta Simon

Marcella Peralta Simon is a recently retired Latinx grandmother, splitting her time between Cambridge, UK and Kissimmee, Florida. She has been a diplomat, university professor, and instructional designer. Her artwork has been published in Smoky Blue Literary and Arts Magazine, Beyond Words Literary Magazine, and The Acentos Review.

Marcella explores her Latin American roots and background in political activism to create passionate commentary on the tribulation and joy of the human condition.

Nathan Cho

Nathan Cho is a sophomore attending Youngsan International School. He is currently creating his portfolio to attend a university in America. His current plan is to major in architecture.

The Breakthrough | Danielle Sung

Danielle Sung is a junior at Phillips Exeter Academy in Exeter, New Hampshire. In her spare time, she enjoys creating art, visiting exhibits around the world, studying art history and anthropology. Sung has won recognitions in several art competitions, including winning Gold Medals in the National Scholastic Art and Writing Awards, being selected as the American Vision and Voices Nominee, and the winner of the 2019 Congressional Art Competition. Sung is currently preparing to major in art with a focus on portraiture and installations.

Vivian Calderón Bogoslavsky

Vivian Calderón Bogoslavsky is a Colombia Native born to Argentinian parents. She holds a bachelors in anthropology with a minor in history and a postgraduate degree in Journalism from Universidad of Los Andes in Bogota, Colombia. She has studied art  for over 13 years with a well know Argentinian art master as well as studies in Florence, Italy, and Fine Arts & Design in USA. She was in Madrid Spain for one year painting and having art exhibitions and today she is in Colombia exploring her art.

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