Issue 5, Autumn 2021 Stage & Screen

The 2021 Prize Winner, selected by Michael Oatman:

The Farewell Burn | Kara Davidson

PIPER A woman in her late 30s.
CHET Her father, mid-60s.

SETTING The Alaskan wilderness.

              At rise: PIPER sits by a campfire at night in the Alaskan
              wilderness. She’s heavily bundled in winter gear, with a
              blanket wrapped around her. Her breath comes out in
              puffs. She huddles herself into a tiny ball to keep warm.
              Nearby, dogs bark.


Hey! Hey! Quiet down now! Get some sleep.

              The dogs quiet. PIPER rummages in her pack. She finds a
              granola bar. She has difficulty opening the wrapping with
              her gloves on. She quickly takes her gloves off, rips open
              the package, and the granola flies everywhere. She picks up
              the pieces quickly, shoves them into her mouth, and rushes
              to get her gloves back on.

              CHET enters. He is bundled in a heavy coat and wears ski
              goggles. He carries firewood and kindling. PIPER takes the
              blanket from around her shoulders and spreads it out.
              CHET lays the wood on the blanket.


You get something to eat?

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