5-flash fiction

Issue 5, Autumn 2021
Flash Fiction

The Boundary of Fairyland | Heather Ballmer

Her name was Helen.
Isn’t it always?

Best friends since second grade. Disney movies, sleepovers, imaginary worlds filled with magic and fairies, heroes and curses. Six years of friendship, a lifetime when you’re twelve.

It happened that awkward summer after seventh grade.

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On Art, Authority, and Crows: A Modern Fable | Adam Graham

Not long after painting his last portrait at Longview Castle, Harold Heckling moved to London, installing himself in a wee-swank neighborhood named for a stale aristocratic game of leisure where he began frequenting Canaletto’s Lashing Stick Booksellers.  Pondering away his afternoons in the backrooms of the old man’s dusty shop Heckling eventually hit upon the inspiration for his Metapsychological Thrones, a revolutionary break from his previous, painterly works, into a variety of performance art, namely the construction of intricate tableau vivants utilizing the bodies of criminals who had been hanged for treason.

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