issue five

5 Todd Robinson, Heather Ballmer, Soo Yeon Chun, Betty J. Cotter, Christi Krug, Katherine Kubarski, Adam Graham, Laurie Guerin, Caitlin Matheis, John Rudoy, Michael Wesner, and Brian Yapko, and featuring our 2021 Honeybee Prize Winner for Stage & Screen, Kara Davidson.

Thank you to all who submitted to our 2021 contest and to our wonderful guest judge Michael Oatman! We are pleased to present the finalists and winner for this year’s Honeybee Literature Prize in Stage & Screen


  • The Farewell Burn by Kara Davidson – Winner
  • Suburbanaut by Alexander Jones
  • Parallax by LN Lewis
  • Self Flagellating Lily by Claire Natale

For this issue, the GLR is doing a deeper dive with the authors whose work appears in the journal. We asked contributors a number of questions about their writing and writing life and are excited to present what they have shared with us.

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from the archives:

“From the Stem” by Daniel J Flosi – Issue IV

Charles Darwin hypothesized that language emerged from a song-like proto language. 

look! down the misty hillside 
our ancestors 
work the soil 
while soughing trees 
prattle on about their mysteries 

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“Go Get the Gun” by Jim Peterson – Issue II

I took off my reading glasses and put on my far-sighted glasses.  She came into better focus.  Yes, I could now see that she was trembling.  Her eyes were glassy with fear.  “But Martha,” I said, “it’s dangerous to run around with a loaded gun unless you really need it,” I said.  

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“Extra Large for the Lord” by Tomas Baiza – Issue I

Joey, tragically White and clueless. Joey who’s in my English and P.E. classes, but thank God not Trigonometry or Health, well, homeboy yanks the half-burnt order ticket from under the sizzling pizza. He squints at it and twists up his face, pale fingers wrapped round the intercom mic. Beyond him, a packed dining room of Friday-night customers.

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