issue twelve

Cover Art: Sarah Louise Wilson

Issue #12 ~ Summer 2023, HoneyBee Prize

Released August 4, 2023

Flash Fiction:

Birds of Prey by Tiffany Promise
The Language of Family by Hemmy So


Selfishly, I Planted Flowers by Rachel Sussman


“For Kenny” by Kelsey Smoot
Ras Tafari Ghazal by Oak Morse
Two Poems by Nebraska State Poet Matt Mason
To Brother-Ghost on Halloween by Pell Williams
Amnesty Week by R.J. Lambert

STAGE & Screen:

Purg City by Milton Joseph


Ixim by Isabel Pascual Andrés, Translation by Kiran Baht


Pretty Women by Blake Kinnett


Coyote by Nicki Orser

Introducing Micro Monday! Featuring brief fiction, cnf, and poetry. It’s like a shot of literary adrenaline to jump start your week.

This week’s Feature…

How to Hear God While Making Thanksgiving Dinner by Charlene Pierce

The turkey is raw and waiting to be stuffed. The pies are done. The oven isn’t beeping yet, or maybe it is, but you can’t hear it, and you smell the browning crust taking over the pumpkin’s spices. You used to make them by hand, back when you had time or when you thought you had…

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TGLR Spotlight…

A Conversation With Rodrigo Toscano

Rodrigo Toscano is a poet and dialogist based in New Orleans. He is the author of eleven books of poetry. His most recent books are The Cut Point (Counterpath, 2023), and The Charm & The Dread (Fence Books, 2022). Rodrigo is this year’s judge of the Honeybee Literature Prize in Poetry and we’re grateful he took the time to answer some questions about his life, the factors that played into his becoming and early career…

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from the archives:

Summer Elegy II by Todd Robinson

Summer Elegy II | Todd Robinson Nebraska’s bare branchespaw at skies full of pointless blue, mercurial daymoon.Powerless like me or my disabled wifewobbling our broken palace in cashmere and bracken. She…

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dear sister by Sequoia Maner

dear sister | Sequoia Maner   i’d like to think we never experienced a world where foster care fostered absence. we went to the roller rink for birthdays. later we…

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What They Carried With Them by Ellen June Wright

What They Carried With Them | Ellen June Wright They carried everything one can bring              when one can bring nothing. They carried everything they knew:              languages and dialects, songs mothers taught…

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